About Us

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Pretty in Ink is located in the Historic District of Roseville at 326 Lincoln Street. We’ve been open since January 2008 providing custom tattoos and artwork.  Don’t let the studio name fool you, we work on both men and women!  We typically work by appointments.  Please fill out the Client Request Form or call the shop for information on how to set up a consultation with an artist.

Custom Pieces
We do custom artwork. Bring in your ideas and/or any photos that will help us visualize your ideas, and we can design a “one of a kind” tattoo for you.

Finding a “Match”
We know that finding the right tattoo artist can sometimes be a challenge. One of our goals is to establish a relationship with our clients, along with interpreting and transferring their ideas to the skin exactly how they had imagined.  This is especially important when they feel they aren’t capable of assisting in the creative process.

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